How to Submit

The process for submitting an activity or demonstration to Hands-On Mechanics is easy. This site is intended for activities or demonstrations covering engineering mechanics material in the areas of statics, dynamics, or mechanics of materials. Please try to stay within these areas.

  1. Go to the registration page and create an account. Consider filling out your profile with your affiliation and any other pertinent information.
  2. Navigate to Posts > Add New using the tool panel on the left side of the screen.
  3. Enter a brief yet descriptive title for your activity or demonstration.
  4. Draft your post. Refer to the guidelines below.
  5. Be sure to enter the names of any persons who contributed to the activity/demonstration such as you would for authorship of a manuscript, comma separated.
  6. Select an appropriate category from Statics, Dynamics, or Mechanics of Materials.
  7. Enter appropriate tags to make the post easy to find.
  8. Click “Submit for Review”
  9. Wait for your post to appear.

Formatting Suggestions

Include the following topic areas formatted as “Heading 3”

  1. Overview (like an abstract)
  2. Principle (the relevant engineering theory, equations, etc.)
  3. What You Need (a list of materials needed for the activity/demonstration and quantities, per student as necessary)
  4. How It’s Done (instructions for how the activity/demonstration are performed)
  5. Extra Example (optional; an extension of the basic activity/demonstration)

Other tips:

  • Pictures should be included where necessary to better explain the activity/demonstration.
  • Videos are appropriate as well. Possibly an example of how the activity/demonstration is performed. Videos can be uploaded or hosted on YouTube and embedded (preferred).
  • Equations and other notation can be written using standard Latex notation. Insert equations/notation between $latex … $


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