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Shape Memory Alloys


 Model Description These figures demonstrate the two phases of a shape memory alloy which enables shape memory alloys to “memorize” their pre-deformed shape, even after large deformations. This demonstration should take 15 minutes. Engineering Principle The shape memory effect occurs due to a phase transition between the original, or memorized, austenite phase to a deformed […]

Creepy Plastic


 Model Description This is a simple demonstration to illustrate initial deformation, primary creep and secondary creep of a material subjected to a constant load over time.  Students can observe a phenomenon over a few days that often takes years to complete.  Students can compute the steady state creep rate and gain an appreciation for the […]

Bending a Knife Blade


 Model Description Knife blades are typically very hard and brittle. In this rapid and inexpensive demonstration, the structure of a steel knife blade is transformed through simple heating and the blade becomes capable of sustaining large deformations without rupture.  This demonstration should take 5-7 minutes. Engineering Principle Knife blades are typically made of steels with […]

Crane Rigging Angles


 Model Description This demonstration depicts the importance of rigging angles during crane lift operations on a construction site.  Reducing rigging angles results in a significant amplification of forces in the rigging, potentially leading to failure.  By varying the connection points and sling length, students will be able to calculate the predicted forces and analyze the […]

Excavation and Earthwork Pressure


 Model Description This in-class activity provides students the opportunity to participate in an interactive demonstration to visualize the concepts of soil pressure and potential effects on construction excavation support systems. In this demo, students are able to interact directly with small-scale models to exhibit the concepts of at rest (equilibrium) soil conditions, active soil pressure, […]