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Shape Memory Alloys


 Model Description These figures demonstrate the two phases of a shape memory alloy which enables shape memory alloys to “memorize” their pre-deformed shape, even after large deformations. This demonstration should take 15 minutes. Engineering Principle The shape memory effect occurs due to a phase transition between the original, or memorized, austenite phase to a deformed […]

Creepy Plastic


 Model Description This is a simple demonstration to illustrate initial deformation, primary creep and secondary creep of a material subjected to a constant load over time.  Students can observe a phenomenon over a few days that often takes years to complete.  Students can compute the steady state creep rate and gain an appreciation for the […]

Bending a Knife Blade


 Model Description Knife blades are typically very hard and brittle. In this rapid and inexpensive demonstration, the structure of a steel knife blade is transformed through simple heating and the blade becomes capable of sustaining large deformations without rupture.  This demonstration should take 5-7 minutes. Engineering Principle Knife blades are typically made of steels with […]