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Paper Stress Concentrations


 Model Description This is a simple demonstration of the basic principles and behavior underlying stress concentrations.  Stresses at points of load application can be much larger than the average stress in a member. The same is true when a member contains a discontinuity. Paper members with the same mid-span width are used to demonstrate the […]

Uniformly Loaded Cables


 Model Description This is an opportunity to hang something from the ceiling and excite the students about their ability to analyze real world structures.  After a few weeks of statics lessons, students possess the ability to determine the maximum and minimum force in a cable suspension bridge through equations of equilibrium.   This demonstration should take […]

The Ski Gondola – Concentrated Cable Loads


 Model Description This physical model demonstrates how cables subjected to concentrated point loads establish equilibrium through geometry – i.e., the slope of each cable segment will change (as will the support reactions) as different loads are placed on the cable.  This demonstration should take 10-20 minutes. Engineering Principle Cables subjected to concentrated loads are a […]