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The Big Book of Shear


 Model Description Students often have difficulty with shear and stress/strain transformation.  To give a quick demonstration of pure shear and stress transformation, blocks are drawn on the side of a BIG book to show the effects of shear and transformation of axes. This demonstration should take 3-5 minutes. Engineering Principle Shear occurs when parallel planes […]

Shear Demonstrator


 Model Description These demonstrations show the effects of shear within rectangular members. This demonstration should take 10-15 minutes. Engineering Principle When a load perpendicular to the longitudinal axis is applied to a beam, the force is transferred through the beam through shear. With the help of these two demonstrations, the students will better understand how […]

A Strainge Transformation


 Model Description A thin rectangular sheet of rubber material is subject to an axial load.  Stress blocks are painted or drawn on the rubber material.  The stress blocks are oriented on a transverse plane (black square) and on a plane 45° from the transverse plane (red square). Students have previously learned that only normal stress […]

Amazing Weight Loss Program


 Model Description This is a simple and rapid demonstration of the perpendicular and parallel components of a force vector on an inclined plane.  By weighing a student or instructor first on the floor and then at some inclination, a “loss of weight” is observed.  This demonstration should take 5-8 minutes. Engineering Principle Spring scales are […]