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Bending a Knife Blade


 Model Description Knife blades are typically very hard and brittle. In this rapid and inexpensive demonstration, the structure of a steel knife blade is transformed through simple heating and the blade becomes capable of sustaining large deformations without rupture.  This demonstration should take 5-7 minutes. Engineering Principle Knife blades are typically made of steels with […]

Wooden Truss 3D


 Model Description This 3D model of a bridge is a model that is very close to a real representation of a bridge. It has a number of realistic features that cannot be shown with K’NEX or other simple structures.  This demonstration should take 15-20 minutes. Engineering Principle Bridges are more than just trusses put together. […]

Wooden Truss 2D


 Model Description This is a simple demonstration to introduce the basic principles of truss behavior and analysis. It will show how the shape of a truss—and not necessarily its weight/material—determines its stability. A simple truss design will be used to show that triangles are the important stability shape used in trusses rather than squares or […]

K’NEX Trusses


 Model Description This simple pair of K’NEX models can demonstrate how trusses greatly increase the strength/stiffness of structures without adding much weight. The trusses are built out of K’NEX pieces and topped with construction paper to produce a roadway. Text books are used to load the trusses to demonstrate its strength to weight ratio.  This […]