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This Walled Pressure Vessels – Hot Dogs!


 Model Description This is a simple demonstration of the basic principals underlying the behavior of thin-walled pressure vessels (TWPVs).  A hot dog is used to show that hoop stresses are twice as high as longitudinal stresses in cylindrical pressure vessels and failure occurs along the length of the hot dog.  The failure that occurs in […]

The Hand Boiler


 Model Description This is a demonstration of how pressure increases with temperature particularly at temperatures above the fluid’s boiling point.  Warming the bottom chamber beyond the boiling point increases the pressure sufficiently to displace fluid into the upper chamber.  This demonstration should take 5 minutes. Engineering Principle The pressure of a fluid increases as you […]

Boiling Properties


 Model Description This demonstration is designed to show that the boiling point temperature of water is dependent on the pressure.  This demonstration should take 8-10 minutes. Engineering Principle Most students are familiar with the process of boiling water on a stove, but this demonstration will show that the phase change is dependent on both pressure […]

Excavation and Earthwork Pressure


 Model Description This in-class activity provides students the opportunity to participate in an interactive demonstration to visualize the concepts of soil pressure and potential effects on construction excavation support systems. In this demo, students are able to interact directly with small-scale models to exhibit the concepts of at rest (equilibrium) soil conditions, active soil pressure, […]