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Closed vs Open Systems


 Model Description This is a demonstration of the basic principles open and closed systems.  It reinforces the conservation of mass and energy.  This demonstration should take 5-8 minutes. Engineering Principle Most students have a basic understanding of open and closed systems, but tend to get lost in the terminology.  In order to assist in the […]

Losses and the 2nd Law


 Model Description This is a demonstration designed to generate a conceptual discussion about the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics and the Kelvin-Planck statement of the law in particular.  It utilizes a pendulum to introduce the concept of irreversibilities due to friction. This demonstration should take 10-15 minutes. Engineering Principle This demonstration is based on the assumption […]

Ice Melting Blocks


 Model Description This demonstration illustrates the material property of thermal conductivity, and how this property affects conduction heat transfer in a solid.  Concepts include Fourier’s Law, conservation of energy and solid-liquid phase change.  This demonstration should take 8-10 minutes. Engineering Principle Fourier’s Law states that the heat transfer rate in a solid is proportional to […]