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Molasses Madness


 Model Description This is a demonstration of the concept of conservation of mass.  By pouring an incompressible fluid (molasses), it is clearly demonstrated that as the velocity of the flow increases, the cross-sectional area of the flow must decrease. This demonstration should take 8-10 minutes. Engineering Principle Mass is conserved when the mass flow rate […]

Closed vs Open Systems


 Model Description This is a demonstration of the basic principles open and closed systems.  It reinforces the conservation of mass and energy.  This demonstration should take 5-8 minutes. Engineering Principle Most students have a basic understanding of open and closed systems, but tend to get lost in the terminology.  In order to assist in the […]

Internal Flow and Losses


 Model Description This is a simple demonstration of the basic principles of internal fluid flow and can also cover major losses.  The demonstration can cover concepts such as conservation of mass, volumetric flow rates, flow regimes, use of the Moody Chart and major head losses.   This demonstration should take 10 minutes. Engineering Principle Internal flow […]