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The Torque Tester


 Model Description This training aid provides an example of what the students already know intuitively about mechanical advantage and applied moment.  By using a dial torque wrench, units and physical measurement are readily observable and subject to discussion. This demonstration should take 5 minutes. Engineering Principle What You Need Item Quantity Description/Clarification Secure Bolt (Fig. […]

Pulleys: The Equilibriator Challenge!


 Model Description This is a simple demonstration of the mechanical advantage associated with pulleys and a solution method for pulley problems.  By building a pulley system in the classroom, students can gain a physical appreciation for the problem at hand.  This demonstration should take 15-20 minutes. Engineering Principle This training aid demonstrates mechanical advantage obtained […]

Moments and Couples


 Model Description Introduce the concept of Moment and couples to your students by providing hands-on examples that they can relate to.  Demonstrate how levers use the concept of moment to provide a mechanical advantage.  This demonstration should take 5-10 minutes. Engineering Principle The Moment caused by a force about any point is defined by the […]