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No Slip Wheel


 Model Description: A disk, remote control bulldozer, and foam inner tube are utilized to demonstrate no-slip wheel relationships. This demonstration should take 8-10 minutes. Engineering Principle: Applicable equations   What you Need: Item Qty Cost and Build Time Description/Details Toy Bulldozer 1 $15 Used for track and motion Disk With Holes 1 $10; 20 minutes […]

When Worlds Collide


 Model Description: This is a simple demonstration of the phases of a collision for central impact.  Two squeeze balls are used to show the phases. This demonstration should take 3-5 minutes. Engineering Principle: Two objects in a head-on or rear-end collision (“central impact”) will deform as they collide.  At the time of maximum deformation, they […]

Armor Attack


 Model Description This training aid demonstrates a practical application of the kinematic relationships for a translating and rotating frame of reference. This demonstration should take 10-15 minutes. Engineering Principle This lesson is an application of the previously developed vector equations for velocity and acceleration in a translating and rotating frame of reference. Required Items Item […]