Hands-on Labs for Remote Instruction


The Spring 2020 semester at Cornell University was thrown into chaos by COVID-19. But we had a little more time to prepare for Summer 2020. In this video, I describe how we adapted our mechanics of materials lab activities for remote instruction.

The tensile testing lab activity is available on Canvas Commons.

Lab Kits

We mailed a small kit to each student with a few essential supplies including:

  • 10 Newton spring scale
  • 6 inch metal ruler
  • S hooks
  • Eye screws
  • Picture hanging nails
  • 3 meters fishing line (nylon monofilament, 0.43 mm diameter)
  • Scotch tape
  • (2x) 30 cm 19-gauge galvanized steel wire

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Matthew Ford, Liran Gazit, Alan T Zehnder (2020), "Hands-on Labs for Remote Instruction," https://www.handsonmechanics.org/mechanics-of-materials/830.

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